Die Arbeit an der Wiederbelebung des „amerikanischen Traums“ geht weiter – Beispielhaft für das Denken einer weltweiten Bewegung…

Seestadtpresse Bremerhaven – Im vergangenen Jahr habe ich >>>in der Seestadtpresse schon einmal über eine interessante US-amerikanische Graswurzelbewegung berichtet, die unter dem Schlagwort „Rebuild the Dream“ aktiv ist. Weitere Informationen liefert die >>>Webseite der Organisation.

Ich gebe hier als Beispiel ein paar Auszüge aus einer e-Mail über die jüngste Aktion weiter, in der zu künstlerischen Aktivitäten gegen den Sparwahn mit all seinen desaströsen Folgen für die kleinen Leute aufgerufen wird.

Amerika ist nicht pleite, sondern wird ausgeraubt – so lautet der Kernpunkt der Analyse („America is not broke – America is being Robbed!“). Dagegen wendet sich die Aktlion „ARTSTRIKE“.

ARTSTRIKE is an „arts and culture“ day of action on the „fiscal bluff.“ We launch it on Monday, December 17, 2012. Help us!“

We’re working with grassroots artists — folks like you! — to create and collect art, music, poetry, design, and videos. This is our chance to combine creative voices and grab the attention of the national media and the folks in D.C.

Aren’t you tired of the whole conversation about our economic future being highjacked by the same, out-of-touch people who apparently have no idea what is happening in our schools and neighborhoods?

They yammer endlessly about the deficit. I know we need to address that at some point. But for God’s sake, right now: FOLKS NEED JOBS. (Better yet: CAREERS!) And good schools. Peaceful streets. Clean air and water. Dignity. Opportunity. Respect. All of that. And more.

And if someone needs to step up to pay for all of that — or to pay down the deficit — it should be the people who benefited the most from all the tax breaks, bailouts and bonuses over the past decade. The wealthiest Americans, the ones who have done well IN America, should now do well BY America — and pay the country back. Those revenues can be used to fund a better future.

How can we get THAT message out there? To break through, we need a tsunami of music, film, poetry and art. We need songs that remind us why we fight. Images worth sharing. Funny videos that will convince our friends that we don’t need more more tax breaks for the wealthiest…

America is the richest country in the history of the world. We have the resources to put Americans back to work, make education affordable, keep folks from losing their homes, make sure no child lives in poverty, and build a new economy for the 21st century.

We can do it — but we’ve got to be able to dream it first.

That’s what ART STRIKE is all about.“


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